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Chapter 2 : There is No Mention of ‘Politics’ ( See-ya-sah ) in the Quran

Based on all the knowledge that I have until the moment I write this book, the word ‘see-ya-sah’ (politics) does not appear anywhere in the Quran. I have also not seen this word even in the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet).

But when we refer to the Arabic dictionary, there is this word ‘see-ya-sah’ which when translated means politics which in turn means administrative knowledge in all its various fields.

The Quran does not mention politics at all. But there are commands for mankind to think, analyse, learn, teach, control, strive and struggle and to do. It does not at all mention secular politics in the style of the West let alone giving instructions for Muslims to practise it. However Muslims today are addicted to democratic political elections and secular electoral politics and it is almost impossible for them not to be indulged in it one way or another. It’s as though politics is more important than the solah (prayers). Supposedly, they have to involve themselves in secular politics for fear that the country will fall to the non-Muslims or the wicked or because through it they want to uphold the laws of Allah and the Islamic way of life. But the truth is that adopting and practising the secular politics of the West in itself is already a transgression of the laws of Allah SWT. Allah prohibits the adoption and practise of secular and man-made systems in the name of Islam. Would Allah accept someone who disobeys His laws while claiming that his intention is to uphold His other laws? Would someone reach his house if he follows the route to another man’s house?

In the Quran, Allah SWT (the Most Pure and the Most High) does not mention ‘see-ya-sah’, but it does clearly and specifically mention ‘hiz-bun’ ( ), which roughly translates as a party, group or jamaah and ‘hizbullah’ which means the party of Allah. Allah also lists out the characteristics of such party. Allah decreed in the Quran:

Meaning: “Verily, your leader is none other than Allah, His Messenger, and the believers – those who perform As Solah (prayer) and give zakah (tithes) and those who bow and submit themselves to Allah. And whosoever takes Allah, His Messenger and those who believe as their leaders, they are the party of Allah and they will be victorious.” (Al-Maidah: 55-56)

However, the Prophet, peace be upon him (pbuh) did mention ‘jamaah’ (group) and ‘toifah’, which are words that have the same meaning as party. This can be seen in the following three Hadiths:

Meaning: “It is obligatory that you be with a jamaah (group), verily Allah’s hand (help) is with the jamaah (group).

The Prophet mentioned further:

Meaning: “Being in a jamaah (group) is a blessing and being divided is a torment.” (Narrated by Al-Baihaqi)

Meaning: “There will always be a toifah (group) among my followers that will be able to manifest the truth, and they will be invincible before those who oppose them.”
(Narrated by Tirmizi and Ibnu Majah)

Based on the Quran and Hadiths mentioned above, I will attempt to elaborate on the concept of parties and the way to do politics according to Islam. It is very different from the concept of parties in Western politics which are being practised by Muslims today.

A group, jamaah or party, which carries out Islamic administration, education, management, control, development and expansion is an Islamic political party. Being in a group, jamaah or party itself is an obligation in Islam because therein lies our strength. When we are tied together by the rules of Allah, we become united and strong like bricks stoutly arranged together in a formidable wall. Allah has decreed:

Meaning: “Verily Allah loves those who fight in His cause united in rows (ranks), as if they were a solid structure.” (As Saf: 4)

What is the process involved in forming this party or jamaah of God? Does it start with a vote to elect the leader, and then to launch campaigns to recruit members? Then all members will have to fill in forms and pay fees, and they have to vote whenever there are elections? No! This is not so. The group or jamaah of Islam is tied together by the strings of Allah which are His laws, be they explicit or otherwise. Those who accept, internalise and practise the laws of Allah, they are members of the jamaah or the party of Allah, even if the party is not formally organised.

Leaders are not elected merely because of their paper qualifications or through votes. Leaders are gauged by their knowledge, faith, practices, sacrifices, their fear of Allah and their ability in educating and leading others. Those who possess the most of these characteristics above the others, they are the most qualified and people will accept them. There is no need for votes. They are accepted by the heart, not by the show of hands. If they are voted, then they can be bought. To be tied by the strings of Allah means to together believe and fear Allah. And because they are accepted by the heart, these leaders inspire love and loyalty among their followers. This is why others who are envious of them accuse the followers of such leaders of being fanatics. Additionally, because they play their role as leaders every day, the role is given to them for life as long as they are able to lead. Just imagine how the prophets became leaders. The same applies to the Khulafaur Rashidin and all the mujaddids (Islamic reformers). The leaders of the jamaah or Party of Allah recruit members through motivation and education. Their approach is through love and care. When more people with Islamic awareness observe Allah’s laws whether as individuals, as families and communities, in both the fard ain and fard kifayah laws, they automatically become members of the party. The love of Allah and His laws strengthens the love between followers and their leaders, as well as amongst the followers themselves. This fraternity and brotherhood between each other is very strong.

When members of the party practise and strive for faith (iman) and Islam, with the blessings of Allah, their hearts become united. Without the blessings of Allah SWT, it will not be easy to attain such unity. When non-Muslims see members of the party sharing such love, they become envious but are calm and at peace. Such fraternity and brotherhood do not threaten them. This is why Allah decreed:

Meaning: “If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts. But Allah has united them” (Al Anfal: 63)

Love, brotherhood and fraternity is the strongest fortification for Muslims after faith (iman). It is very important but extremely difficult to attain. It requires an effective and charismatic leader. It cannot be faked or attained through pretentions. It is not a physical bond but a spiritual one; which means it is hidden and esoteric. Fraternity and brotherhood is the fruit of the love that grows in the heart, the result of zikr (contemplation in the remembrance of Allah SWT), mujahadah (overcoming evil desires) and cleansing and purifying the heart for Allah. It is also the result of the love and fear of Allah. If unity is only physical, then it is not fraternity. The Quran explains this:

Meaning: “You would think that they are united, when in fact their hearts are divided.” (Al Hashr: 14)

People who do not strive for faith and Islam, they live like trees in the forest which fight to sprout their branches to gain sunlight. Each for his own. Even though they belong to one party, their hearts are fragmented and they are not truly united. Without fraternity and brotherhood, then the Party of Allah does not exist. All that exist is an association, a union or a club.

As a result of education and leadership, members of the party or jamaah think, feel, and act alike. They are consistent and in conformity with each other. This understanding and conformity makes them act and feel in the same manner and are always willing to work together. They are obedient to all instructions. Such attitude makes it possible for the party to carry out the laws and activities of fard kifayah (obligatory activities within the group or jamaah) and establish a complete Islamic way of life within the party.

Money and finance is important. Money is an additional strength but an important one. That is why the Prophet (pbuh) set up the Suqul Ansar (Ansar Marketplace) at Medina, led by Sayidina Abdur Rahman bin Auf. From that marketplace, Islamic economy grew and developed, and in the end killed the Jewish capitalist economy. The Islamic party or jamaah does not depend on other people’s money, much less on the money of their enemies. They do not acquire loans from financial institutions that belong to others especially their enemies.

Members of the Party of Allah are willing to empty their pockets in order to uphold the laws of Allah SWT. The companions (sahabah) chose poverty together with the Prophet to enrich their jamaah. They sacrificed in this world to gain the promises of Allah in the Hereafter. As members of the Party of Allah, they were extremely loyal and obedient towards Allah, the Prophet and their leaders.

Living in the party or jamaah of Allah SWT is truly blessed. It is like living in a blissful family whereas those who do not belong to the party of Allah live in turmoil and torment. What is meant by living in blissfulness or turmoil according to the Hadith? Looking at the physical and worldly aspect, when living in a jamaah, we feel no lonesomeness, poverty and misfortune, even during the hardest and most difficult times. There are always loving and understanding friends to share our hardships. They will give help and assistance in the form of ideas, advice, persuasion, money, manpower, or anything that is needed. In a jamaah, everything is shared and done together; be it happiness or hardship, work and sacrifice, development, in facing the enemy and so on. Without a jamaah, we usually laugh together but we cry alone. Looking at the spiritual aspect, living in a jamaah will give us the drive, energy and power to carry out and practise the laws of Allah. It will help us become better Muslims. It makes it easier for us to do the solah (prayers) promptly and in congregation, to give in charity, observe the dress code in Islam, and to be God-conscious. But without a jamaah, we easily neglect the solah, we become careless in what we wear, we become materialistic, miserly and other negative traits; so much so in the end we will drift into a life of ignorance. Though a toifah, jamaah or party of Allah has no power to rule, it can successfully direct its members to establish the Islamic system of life. All aspects of the Islamic system can be established, except the military, police, judiciary and some others, since the setting up of these entities are forbidden by the national rulers.

Apart from the above, the party of Allah can set up their own social system and systems of administration, economy, education, health, welfare, information, motivation, public relations, mass media, agriculture, stock farming, science and technology, construction and others. All of these are what we call Islamic politics or see-ya-sah (administration).

The party of Allah must be able to uphold His laws even without official ruling power and authority. They have unofficial ruling power, economic power and all the other powers that enable them to function like a small government within a larger government. Such power comes from Allah, given to His true servants to portray the greatness and uniqueness of the party of Allah.

This is why the party of Allah is greatly feared by crooked corrupted and fraudulent rulers. And the party of Allah is always threatened by spiteful Muslim scholars and theologians who have official power but no followers. Seeing them will make the people yearn for a just and good Islamic rule. In fact, the party of Allah is also welcomed by the non Muslims. Islamic politics and administration has opened the door towards an Islamic nation without having to campaign for it. Not bellowing for an Islamic nation does not mean one does not want an Islamic nation. Like a person who really wants to have a child, he must be willing to get married. But there are others who also want children but they do not want to get married. You have to do and to act in order to get what you want. Shouting and bellowing will not help.

The struggle of the party or jamaah of Allah does not end upon Islamising a nation. Their wish is to Islamise the whole world. “We must take the whole world back from the hands of those who neglect Allah, Islam and the Hereafter.” Such is their dream and aspiration, in their attempt to gain the promise of Allah contained in the Quran as follows:

Meaning: “And indeed We have written in the Zabur that My righteous slaves shall inherit the land.” (Al Anbiya: 105)

This is why the struggle of the party of Allah is not limited or confined to geographical boundaries. They have ingenious strategies in their struggle, inspired by Allah SWT. Whatever they do, their true intention is never revealed or displayed. On the other hand, their enemies’ tricks, deception and wickedness, are overcome with cunning, thus baffling and outwitting them. The musyrikins once expelled and ousted the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca, in order to end his party’s influence. Instead his party expanded and grew stronger in Medina. It turned out that the incident of the ousting marked the beginning of the party’s victory. Who would expect that the Prophet’s expulsion from Mecca was to enable him to reorganise and reconcile, so that he could return to Mecca to claim victory? That was how the enemies were tricked and deceived by the party of Allah.

All these happened with the aid of Allah SWT, both physically and esoterically. Allah’s party will surely prevail under His guidance. Victory is promised and guaranteed. Allah and His Prophet never lie nor are they mistaken. The form of victory that they achieve, either materially or spiritually, is commensurate with the level of struggle, whether at the level of toifah (group), nation or empire.

Such is the party of Allah. The party that takes Allah, His Prophet and the devout believers as their leaders. They are very obedient to Allah, His Prophet and their leaders because such is the command of Allah SWT. Allah decreed:

Meaning: “O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those of you who are in authority.” (An Nisa: 59)

The party of Allah unites its members with the fear of Allah, His laws, with solah (prayers), zakah (tithes), and their loyalty and obedience towards Allah SWT. They are so closely united like brothers or sisters in a family. They are consistent and in conformity to each other in practising the rules of Allah. This is because their spiritual development precedes their material developments. They are powerful even without official power. They are rich though they do not control the national treasury. And they rule like true rulers. They are obeyed without acts and laws. They build the Islamic system over the weaknesses of the erroneous system of the ignorant. Their enemies fear them because for people in the party of Allah all obstacles and oppressions enhance their thirst for victory. The key to Islamic supremacy and the Islamic nation is in their hands. And they will surely win. Other Islamic scholars and theologians look with envy and enmity because they do not have followers of such quality and calibre. The party of Allah is truly heading towards Islamic supremacy and the Islamic nation on the platform of Islamic politics and administration which is wiser, more systematic and pure. The party of Allah may emerge at any era, including the present. In fact, it thrives even better, in the era of democracy that is ailing and crumbling. Communism has faltered and capitalism is now at its final moments of death. The world wants an alternative that can liberate them from the troubled, tyrannical, oppressive and frustrating system that they are now subjected to Islam is the answer, because it is more beautiful, peaceful, just and harmonious.

The party of Allah which operates through motivation, education, love, brotherhood and fraternity, is long being awaited by peoples of the whole world. The clean, pure and peaceful Islamic administration or politics, which is safe and full of salvation will awe and surprise everyone. Because the whole world does not realize nor do they believe that there actually exists a clean brand and system of politics, different from the dirty Western politics that they know and that they are used to. They will ask why hasn’t it emerged all these while. The whole world will feel that they have been deceived, cheated and taken for a ride by what is called Western democracy.

It must be remembered, the Prophet Muhammad managed to Islamise Mecca only after 23 years of struggle. Those who had opposed him prior to that, accepted the system of Allah though some of them remained non believers. This was because the Islamic system introduced by the Prophet benefited even the non believers. Subsequently, the era of the Islamic empire began. The whole process happened very quickly although it went through a gentle, evolutionary process. It was like the roots of a tree, which clutched the earth without affecting its surface and surroundings. Battles occurred but only against corrupt and tyrannical rulers. And they were always the first to initiate the battles. At that time, even their own people who were still non believers disliked and were against them and they longed for The Prophet’s arrival. It was this longing that opened the door to the Islamic nation and Empire. May this history repeat itself in this last last era and in this century which will definitely happen because it is promised by Allah SWT. Allah promises victory to the group that truly emulate and follow the steps of the party of Allah much in the way pioneered by the Prophet and his companions.

The people truly long for a just and good Islamic rule which means, they all long for a leader who can emulate the Prophet’s leadership and the party of Allah. Hopefully this longing may perhaps open the door to the second Islamic rule in this last era. So that, it will be proven the party of Allah will prevail. And that it is capable of establishing an Islamic nation and empire. It is far better equipped and capable compared to Western and secular political parties because it works through motivation, education, love, brotherhood, fraternity and exemplary character, all of which are loved and longed for by all mankind; the non believers included.

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