Monday, December 31, 2007

Words from the Publisher

This book is written at the most appropriate time, that is when the Western political system is deteriorating and has proven its incapability to rule the world. At the same time, Muslims worldwide have lost their faith in secular Islamic political parties that claim to be striving and struggling for Islam, but are just as ill-fated as other political parties that clearly uphold Western ideologies and political systems.

Apart from giving definitions, forms and methods of practising true Islamic politics that are totally different from those understood and practised by other secular Islamic political parties throughout the world today, Abuya Syeikh Imam Ashaari Muhammad At Tamimi introduces a new model of Islamic politics that he has been practising and applying for the past 26 years through his former jamaah, Darul Arqam and continued till today by Rufaqa, a company that he incorporated whilst his detention under the ISA (Internal Security Act).

His definition and practise of Islamic politics provides a new brand of knowledge, never brought forth by any other Islamic thinker, at least for the last hundred years.

His explanations are crystal-clear and assuring. Though his views are very different from current and prevailing ones, those who read them will find that they are simply irrefutable. In fact, they will discover that it is Abuya’s brand of politics that are promoting changes to the world’s political climate today. He bravely makes forecasts of the future of Islamic politics, by predicting major events that will take place in Malaysia, Indonesia and other nations of the Far-East and also the world over.

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