Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chapter 6 - Technique Of Political Struggle That Is Unislamic

I apologize because many politicians particularly those who wish to fight for the Islamic cause and others who are involved in the democratic political elections in Malaysia and the rest of the world will be offended, disheartened and even angry at my statement that their way of doing politics is inappropriate with the Islamic religion. I realize the risks involved and understand the sentiments of my fellow brothers from the political parties. However, in order to attain the truth, let us discuss the issue rationally and with an open heart using intellectual facts so that despite the differences in opinion, perhaps we will encounter something good which will be beneficial to all Muslims. Let us bury and sacrifice our personal feelings in the name of Allah because in any struggle sacrifice is required including the sacrifice and suppression of our feelings. If we are unwilling and unable to make sacrifices, we are not worthy fighters and our sincerity may be questioned. As such, in presenting the truth, I am willing to accept the risks. In fact, it is for the same reason that my previous jamaah was banned and I was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

I am confident that my mode of struggle will serve as a future alternative to the present electoral politics. That is my conviction and my struggle is based upon this belief. God willing, should we live to see the day, we will together witness this event. It will occur in peace and harmony and non Muslims will readily accept it too.

I have my own views, interpretations and personal style with regard to the Islamic struggle. This is not something new and all are aware of this fact. Up till this moment after 40 years of struggling for the Islamic cause, I am more confident that my struggle is true and well founded. My mission has been outlined and through the practice that has been carried out till today, it has borne fruit as desired although in the early stages many had doubts and as previously mentioned, my jamaah was ultimately banned. Whereas, right before my eyes, people who used other methods of struggle to uphold Islam have failed to achieve the desired results. Although some have managed to attain power, but they fail to persuade people even to perform the solah. This is because the electoral politics they indulge in do not motivate or educate the people. Instead they lobby people in ways that are in total disregard as to whether it is permissible or prohibited. They fail to uphold the Islamic system despite having hundreds of thousands of followers, and in fact millions in some other Muslim countries.

This is comparable to people going out to sea to fish, by means of small boats and employing different fishing techniques. Many are unable to catch fish due to the high waves, rivalry by bigger ships, being cheated by friends and numerous other reasons to the extent that some got sunk, are lost at sea or they ultimately return home empty handed.

Based on my experience, I have convincing reasons and I have seen many things about the Islamic struggle. Indeed during the early stages of the current Islamic resurgence, all expressed the desire to fight for the Islamic education, Islamic economy, Islamic village, Islamic society, Islamic way of life, Islamic nation, universal unity and an Islamic world. All acclaimed this as the alternative to the deeply reviled, hated absurd and ignorant secular system.

Hence, each and everyone fought for the Islamic cause. Some gave lectures, used slogans, conducted seminars, campaigns, actions and so on and so forth in order to uphold the Islamic system. There are some jamaah which have struggled for over 50 years and more. But till today, there is no Islamic education system established in their jamaah? Their children have reached adulthood but have yet to taste the beauty of the Islamic education system. Where is the Islamic economy, Islamic society, Islamic politics, Islamic medicine, Islamic agriculture and so forth? There is none. They do not exist even in their own jamaah or their own party. In fact the hue and cry for such systems has lessened with time. It is not as loud now as before. It has diminished and is drowned in the ignorant system that is still intact. Some have been absorbed into the secular system which they initially oppose. Some Islamic parties have attained power but not only do they fail to uphold the Islamic system in their government, they cannot do it even within their own party.

Or do they feel the systems that exist are already Islamic. Suffice that the government be controlled by the Islamic party. If that is the case, what was the struggle for prior to the election. Is it to Islamise what is already Islamic. Or Islam must be upheld by their hands alone and not by others. During the political campaign, everything that existed was branded as unIslamic.

The awareness of Muslims, globally, towards Islam has gradually increased and intensified. People want the Islamic way of life in every aspect. People have become fearful of usury, of the secular education system, of sinful acts and transgressions.

People wish Islam to be the complete way of life. They yearn for love, to live in harmony, to make sacrifices, to give priority to others, to work together, to live in a state where non Muslims respect Islam and so forth. But till today fighters and strugglers for the Islamic cause remain unprepared! We are unable to detect any reforms and changes within them befitting that of Islamic fighters. If there are any, these changes are brought forth by Islamic missionary bodies and not by the so called Islamic political parties.

The form of politics practiced today is still gravely opposed to Islamic politics. However, there are efforts to conceal this fact so that people will assume that Western politics can be practised by Muslims. As if Islam does not possess its own brand of politics thus legitimizing Western politics. This is the same as those who enroll their children in the secular education system and then saying Islam permits this whereas they are fully aware that the secular education system is deeply opposed to the Islamic education system. The secular education system has greatly ruined the minds and souls of Muslims.

We often hear various excuses why Islam cannot be upheld. These include insufficient funds, lack of federal aid and manpower and the fact that investors are being blocked. As such Islamic practices such as love and care, fraternity, concealing the ‘aurat’ (parts of the body that should not be exposed according to Islamic rule), goodwill, working closely with other Islamic bodies and so on cannot be practiced. The question is, is money a prerequisite for love and care? Do we have to wait for funds before covering the aurat? Do we need to wait for financial aid in order to show goodwill towards other Islamic groups? Do we require aid in order to collaborate with other Islamic bodies? Why is it that after years of struggle, we still lack sufficient manpower? Why is it with 600,000 so called followers or members there are still claims of a dearth in manpower? Are there not any intelligent followers with expertise in various fields among such a big membership. The Islamic education system is vastly different from the secular education system. Such is also the case with other systems including politics. I practice Islamic politics in the family, society, jamaah and so on. Although many people ridicule my ways, but a fighter must hold steadfast to his principles. In a short while, God willing, through true Islamic politics, we will observe the rise of Islam in peace and harmony in a wider expanse and scale. I do not wait to indulge in Islamic politics until I have attained governing power. Islamic politics can be run according to whatever scale big or small. It only ceases at the limit of one’s extent of Islamic knowledge and one’s knowledge in other fields. That is why for a start I have applied Islamic politics in my jamaah, my family and in my household. I deeply feel the effects. In my large family I discover that peace and happiness runs in the best possible way. Each and everyone is easily disciplined and easily reconciled whenever minor differences arise.

I believe my large family will not be able to live in peace, tranquillity and relative harmony if it is not administered according to Islamic politics. Just imagine my large family consisting of 39 children, more than 150 grandchildren and as many as 40 sons and daughters in law. There will be chaos if the family is not run according to Islamic politics. If fate has decreed that I should rule the nation, my experience on the home front will be applied at the national level.

This is my belief. Many now share and accept my belief and have made changes towards the Islamic way of life. Consequently, I now have the courage to question Muslims who believe there is no other alternative to the present secular system. Through my experiences in doing Islamic politics, God willing, I can now offer proof that Western politics is very damaging and incompatible with the teachings of Islam and that with regards to politics, Muslims have options other than the Western Electoral System. Such options will produce greater success than what we have achieved this present day. My intention is solely to offer mutual advice towards attaining the truth so that the truth can prevail and falsehood vanished. I do not wish to degrade or create enemies. Should you be dubious of my arguments and regard them weak, please provide counter arguments that are more convincing so that we all can see the truth. It is for this reason I have applied the politics of Islam first and foremost in my own family. If it works, then I have the arguments and proof of the effectiveness of the politics of Islam. Please do not regard my arguments with hasteful enmity coupled with fanatical party sentiments. Knowledge must be confronted with knowledge. Do not confront knowledge with insults, anger and retribution. One who searches for the truth is not fearful of the truth even though he might be stumped by it. Because the truth will not shatter one’s heart and mind except for those who are unwilling to accept and acknowledge the truth, or those who fight against the truth.

I will now list out the reasons why I say Western politics is against Islam. To pursue it means to totally disregard Islamic regulations and the shariah. May Allah guide and permit me to continue. So that the truth can be proven and pursued whilst falsehood will vanish on its own or at the very least put side by side with the truth for people to assess and choose. For those who wish for the truth, at least the paradigm is established. (I was involved with the PAS political party for 10 years. Hence I do not write as an outsider nor do I write based purely on guesses or hearsay).

Since the party’s mission is to win the election, so that they can rule the nation and from there onwards to uphold the Islamic principals in every aspect, they give less attention towards nurturing faith and upholding Islam within their party. We cannot say these practices are not carried out at all but they are not given due priority. Sometimes Islamic lectures pertaining to fard ain (obligation upon the individual) becomes a forum to campaign for votes and to assail one’s opponent. What more if it is a political lecture. These political lectures barely evoke fear towards Allah. Sometimes, because party members become too preoccupied with electoral politics, the prayers (solah) are neglected when in actual fact the solah is the most important act of devotion in Islam. When the solah is neglected, other Islamic laws and shariah are even more unheeded which of course will lead to sins. But they remain and feel at ease with their sins and they accept customs and traditions that are opposed to Islam. Some of these include:

1. There is lack of emphasis on even the basic acts of devotion such as the obligatory and congregational prayers (solah) when it is the most important Islamic commandment after faith. Solah is the pillar of Islam, the might and foundation of the Islamic struggle. If it is weak, hence the pillar and foundation of the jamaah becomes feeble. In the Hereafter, solah is the first and foremost issue that will be scrutinized. This means, solah is the primary shariah to be upheld after faith. The solah remain important whether or not we live in an Islamic country or otherwise. It is erroneous to trivialize and belittle the issue of solah in our pursuit to acquire an Islamic nation. Many members of the party neglect and trivialize the solah; do not understand, do not become engrossed when performing it and do not do the solah in congregation (jamaah). This reflects the weakness of the party. How can a weak party be strong enough to govern the nation and be capable of educating and nurturing the people? The governing party must form the role model to serve as an example to the people. How can the party lead the people to consistently perform their solah when members of the party itself are not disciplined to do so? Where is the guarantee that this particular commandment of Allah be implemented at national level when it has yet to be carried out at party level? As an example, immediately after being stabbed, Sayidina Umar Al Khattab r.a enquired, “Has the Muslim community performed the fajar (dawn) prayers?”

Such is Sayidina Umar. Although in pain after being stabbed, he still continued to remind the Muslim community regarding their obligatory prayers (solah). Is it logical that only with ruling power, the people will begin to do the solah? Chances are, with power in hand, they will become more distracted and neglectful!

The question of moral behaviour, segregation between males and females, concealing the aurat and the like are laws that can be implemented without attaining governing power. But these are not emphasized and taken seriously in the so called Islamic political party. Whereas these are important laws pertinent to every Muslim. Why are these important laws not upheld prior to obtaining national rule? Why do we struggle for the implementation of other laws which we are un- certain of upholding and neglect to implement laws that are within our means to enforce?

2. Religious lectures place little emphasis on the question of faith, taqwa (fear of Allah), morals, the Hereafter, heaven, hell, a mukmin’s personal character, practices obligatory upon the individual (fard ain) and practices obligatory upon the community (fard kifayah) but are bias only on national issues and the struggle for power. Whereas it is these religious matters which make humans reflect upon themselves and gain the inspiration to implement Islam. National and political issues do not strengthen Islam and Islam which is fought for based on national and political aspirations is akin to a tree deprived of fertilizer or a car with a troublesome engine. Why does this happen? Is the political figure who heads the Islamic party unaware of this fact? If he is conscious of this matter, why ignore it. Allah’s laws can only be carried out by individuals who have religious knowledge. As such members of the party must be knowledgeable. Are there other ways mankind can acquire the strength to uphold and perform God’s laws without undergoing the processes which nurture faith and without carrying out the basic acts of worship and devotion? History has revealed and proven that the Islamic nation can only be upheld by those adequately nurtured with faith and those who truly fear Allah. In the Quran, God has decreed:

Meaning: “Ward off yourselves and your families against the fires of hell.” (At Tahrim: 6)

The wise people of Islam (hukamak) have stated :

“Uphold Islam in your self then surely Islam will be upheld in your nation.”

3. The issue of unity is also not emphasized when everyone knows accord and unity is of the utmost importance. It is one of the key strengths of the jamaah. Consequently, unity between members, unity between leaders and members and unity between leaders themselves cannot be felt nor seen in the party.

There is also no emphasis and less effort placed on love, brotherhood and fraternity so much so a chasm exists between leaders and members. As a result, words of the leaders are of little significance and directives by the leaders are often unheeded. There is lack of the feeling of oneness, mutual cooperation and mutual aid and assistance. The drive and inclination to make sacrifices for the struggle in whatever form is also weak.

In these circumstances, can the party be comparable to bricks layed solidly together to form a building which is strong and majestic? Meaning, can the Islamic way of life be upheld within individuals whose hearts remain disunited, who are still individualistic in character, who refuse to make sacrifices and who disobey directives of the leadership? I am confident that even if they attain the nation, as long as members remain individualistic and non-cohesive, the Islamic system can never be upheld.

Upholding a system is no different to the manufacture of automobiles which require the assemblage of chassis, engines, gears, the suspension system, the car bodies, upholstery and so on. Without unity between each individual or group, there is no feeling of togetherness and cooperation. When there exists no feeling of togetherness and cooperation, how are they going to establish that beautiful Islamic way of life? Individuals can carry out the obligations of fard ain like worship and so on but to carry out the obligations of fard kifayah like building the Islamic way of life for instance, you require the jamaah or the community. Is there any other factor which is stronger than faith and fraternity in order to unite Muslims into solidly arranged ranks?

4. Understanding and coordination are also not given priority. Understanding and coordination in thinking and action between members of the party are not the main concern and are not taken seriously. Each and everyone within the party is free to think, free to have their own views and attitudes even in fundamental and basic issues. In any particular issue we can observe the disparity in views and attitudes among the members. In confronting the opponent, they continue to have diverse and varying views and attitudes. Some take a strong opposing stand while others tend to be less averse. This matter contradicts the techniques and strategies of the Islamic struggle. All the more so when facing the apponent. There should be a single mindset, the result of receiving knowledge from one source ie the Quran and Hadith, and guidance from the leader as the common reference to achieve unity. Thoughts which are disorganised, deviative and chaotic will not give any result but will bring about arguments and misunderstandings.

If this situation arises at state or national level, it will not bring about the establishment of Islamic systems but will lead to tumult and anarchy which ultimately will confuse the people and make it arduous for others to emulate.

5. The identity or the symbols of Islamic glory (shiar) is not visible in the so called Islamic party although they vouch to fight for Islam. The reason why the symbols of Islamic glory (shiar) is not used in fighting for Islam by the political party remain incomprehensible. Whereas the prophet’s sunnah (ways of the prophet), if practised, its glory is so enchanting and is greatly blessed by Allah. The practice of the prophet’s sunnah (that is the Islamic way of life), physically and spiritually, whether in the way one dresses, socialize, eat and drink, in marriage, struggle, in making sacrifices and others, can only emerge from a heart that adores or is fanatic towards Allah and the prophet. Only when one is fanatic towards Allah and the Prophet, can one be able to implement the Islamic laws and the Sunnah. Hence, when one is able to successfully institute the Islamic laws and the Sunnah of the prophet, only then can the symbols of the glory of Islam (shiar) be seen. These symbols or shiar are what people want to see in a model Islamic community and it constitute the beauty and glory of Islamic life. The symbols of Islamic glory (shiar) is the fruit of the attributes of taqwa. Allah decreed:

Meaning: “Whoever honours the Symbols (shiar) of Allah, then it is truly from the piety of the hearts.” (Al Haj: 32)

Those who adore and love Allah and the Prophet are willing to emulate the prophet’s way of life although they are despised by non Muslims and are isolated by their friends. But if there is no such love, even with the power of government and the freedom to uphold God’s laws and the prophet’s way of life, mankind will remain reluctant to implement them. Just like a person who owns a lorry, knows how to drive it but if his heart dislikes riding in the lorry, he will not ride in it.

The Islamic identity or the symbols of the Islamic glory (shiar) is very important in the fight for Islam. It becomes a forceful symbol to attract mankind to the Islamic way of life. It is also like an intangible fortress, that keeps out pretentious enemies and makes in difficult for them to infiltrate the jamaah and to damage it from within. It differentiates an Islamic party from a secular party. It becomes a rival and constitutes a pressure to the Western lifestyle and brings about numerous other advantages (hikmah).

Without any identity to differentiate the way of life of an Islamic fighter with one who does not struggle for Islam, the Islamic political party has no added advantage over parties which do not fight for Islam. If we only talk different but our way of life is similar to theirs, or if we emulate the enemy’s way of life, we are analogous to an empty tin can which no one takes notice and is of no value. It produces a lot of noise but is actually empty. We will be belittled and mocked by people. Indeed, this is contrary to the wants of Islam.

6. Political figures who fight in the name of Islam, once elected as a representative of the people or as a minister, appear to live lavishly or at least to live similarly to those elected representatives from other parties who do not aspire to fight for Islam. This means, they have the same intention as the other elected representatives in that they indulge in politics in order to live well, to amass wealth and to develop personal projects. Whereas true Islamic leaders in fulfilling their mission to uphold Islam, will sacrifice their wealth for the cause and will live a modest life.

Without sacrifice, where will the funds and assets for the struggle come from? How can we solicit funds from those who do not have any Islamic aspiration or from our apponents and enemies? For a party who has Islamic aspirations, sacrifice on the part of its leader and party members are the source of funds and wealth. Without sacrifice, the party will forever be penniless and be subject to financial constraints and we often will use that as a reason why Islam cannot be upheld. We even blame the apponent or the enemy for not channeling funds to us when in fact it is our fault for not wanting to make sacrifices. The lack of sacrifice and contribution on the part of fighters is the main reason why the struggle is burdened with financial hardship. Is it logical that our struggle be funded by our apponents and enemies or for us to expect aid from our foes? Can we really enhance the honour and integrity of our struggle in this manner?

7. Politicians who claim to fight for Islam do not want to socialize and communicate with parties who do not support their struggle, whether they be individuals or groups. This can be ascertained by the attitudes displayed by members of such political party especially those members studying abroad in centers of higher learning. I say this based on a few incidents that have occurred. Their actions towards Arqam students clearly demonstrate their lack of open mindedness.

These include :

a. In Jordan, an 11 year old Arqam student once offered his hand in handshake to one of the members of that particular political party (harakah), yet his hand was ignored and the member uttered words to the effect, “Why don’t you go and shake your deviant teachers hand.”

b. In Egypt, in 1989, 4 female students from Malaysia who were studying at Al Azhar, were hindered from following the Arqam movement there by male students who were members of that particular political party. When they discovered these female students were still communicating with the Arqam movement, which always have their doors open to whoever wish to visit the Al Arqam headquarters there, they detained two of them illegally. One of them was detained for two weeks.

During their detention, at an undisclosed location, they were abused psychologically and brainwashed so as to cleanse the Arqam influence upon them. Finally, one of them was married off to one of the students of that particular party, a second year student at Al Azhar. After getting married, this male student was expelled from the university for failing his studies even though he was given the opportunity to repeat for two years in a row. He then applied to enrol into Maahad Al Azhar (he only qualified to enrol into the secondary level after the assessment test). He had to repeat from the lower level all over again just so that he can continue his student visa in Egypt. Strangely, he was the one who once said, “Ustaz Ashaari lacks knowledge,

why follow him.”

At the same time, one of the four female students mentioned earlier got married to one of the Arqam students there. She was one of the top students at Al Azhar.

c. In Jordan too, during one semester break, a group of Arqam female students visited the house of one of their friends in Irbid, an area populated with many students who were strong supporters of the same political party. The female student being visited was also a supporter of the party. While they were talking, a second year male student from the University of Yarmouk who was a member of that political party entered the house.

This male student, without giving any greeting or even introducing himself and with his hands on his hips startled the Arqam female students with the question, “Do you know that this house belongs to members of ……. (mentioning the name of the political group)?

After that he gave a warning to the Arqam students, “I give all of you half an hour to get out of this house.” d. Malaysian students from this political party in Jordan did not like the influence of the Arqam students there. As such, they tried to tarnish the image of the Arqam students in the eyes of the lecturers and others when in fact, the Arqam student representative there had good relations with the lecturers, deans, those from the Ministry of Education and the Jordanian Awqaf Minister himself, Dr Muhammad Abdul Salam Ubbadi. Furthermore, the Arqam students received educational privileges that were never offered to other foreign students. Up to 20 Arqam students obtained places at the Umariah Madrasah there, a school for the elite, where the fees, bus fares and books were paid for by the school itself.

These are some of the examples of the closed mindedness and intolerance of the members of the political party which are in contradiction with Islamic morals and behaviour. Allah had decreed:

Meaning: “Invite mankind to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching and argue with them in a way that is better.” (An Nahl: 125)

In the above verse, we are directed to argue and discuss the best way we can. But members of this party build a chasm or gap with people who are not from their party. Hence, how do they intend to discuss? Whereas only through discussion can we discover whether our knowledge is true or false, whether our arguments are weak or strong, and whether our opinions are void or valid. Our views must be assessed through discussions, for only then will we know whether our views are correct or wrong.

Allah wants us to find various ways to face the numerous groups of people including the non Muslims, in order to draw them towards Allah. Being prejudiced, quarrelsome, unfriendly and indifferent, are not the ways to propagate or to fight for Islam. It narrows the field of our struggle. The Prophet himself visited an old Jewish woman who always offended him and caused him difficulty until the woman converted to Islam.

The Prophet said:

Meaning: “Utterance or words that are good and decent are alms.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari)

He further said:

Meaning: “Your smile (affection) towards your brother is alms.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari)

8. Members of this party accuse and readily pass judgment that one or a group is fasiq (of improper behaviour), cruel, infidel, apostate and so on especially towards individuals or groups who are not with them or who possess a different style of struggle. These impetuous and reckless accusations are made using Quranic verses and the Hadith as proof and support without shame and fear towards Allah. This matter happened ever since the political party was established. The same thing occurs everywhere else in the world to parties which aspire to fight for Islam through democratic political elections.

Passing such judgement is a game they play for the purpose of degrading and humiliating other Muslims who do not support them as well as to attract people towards their party. They are full of pride and conceit and they feel they are safe from the wrath of Allah. Whereas a servant of Allah should suffer deeply whenever he has to pass judgement. He knows that, should he err in passing judgement, such judgement will be suffered unto him and Allah will censure him later in the Hereafter. Sayidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq r.a, whenever he feels his words have offended other Muslims, he would plead for qisas (punishment of equal severity) or will bring the matter to the Prophet SAW so that he be punished immediately. Such is the faith of mukmins who fight to uphold Allah’s laws. They are so fearful of Allah and because of that they are cautious about giving judgements.

The habit of easily accusing and humiliating people with the lack of proper proofs and arguments will make people hate us and they will run away from us. As a consequence, there will be grave disunity and factionation. This happened in one mosque, where there were two imams leading the solah (prayers) at the same time. In Terengganu, there were two lectures with two microphones taking place at the same time in the same mosque. When in fact, the Islamic struggle do not only aim to increase the number of the congregation but also to unite them under one imam in one mosque. Western electoral politics undersizes, narrows, disunite and factionate Muslims in their mosques. It also results in Muslims not eating meat slaughtered by other Muslims on account that their faiths are in doubt. Furthermore, there are cases where matrimonial vows between Muslim couples are considered void and invalid purely because of differing political views and stands.

Is this the truth that we fight for? The more we struggle, the more Muslims become disunited and factionated. If that is the case, where is the proof and example that the so called Islamic struggle is safe, and that it brings global peace and harmony within the society?

Democracy and electoral politics will not be able to solve this crisis. It will only escalate such problems and make it worse. In fact, electoral politics and democracy itself is the source of all these problems. Our hope now is to rely and fall upon true Islamic politics which abounds with love and care, safety and salvation.

9. When confronted and challenged by the apponent, the politician who alleges to fight for the Islamic cause becomes highly emotional. He does not respond with intelligence, maturity and strategy. He would become agitated, enraged, ruffled and reacts hastily and impatiently so much so he brings needless trouble upon himself. When the apponent makes uncalled for remarks and accusations, he become angry and ill at ease. He counters with wrongful and inaccurate facts, over penalizes and over reacts which only benefits his apponent. The apponent definitely enjoys it when we harp and argue so that our time is wasted. Thus, we have less time to implement and develop and to do other useful things. That is certainly what the apponent wants us to do. But political players who use the name of Islam, tend to be straight forward, na ve and ignorant so much so they cannot read the sly intentions of the apponent. They believe the apponent truly meant their accusations and they react aggresively. In the end they had themselves deceived. If they understand the tactics and true intention of the apponent, indeed they will not be so dreadfully deceived.

They do not practise nor do they understand the doctrine that “warfare is replete with tactics and deception”. In fact, an Islamic politician should be more cunning, more mature and more strategic than the apponent or the enemy. Islamic fighters should be able to read the enemy and always be ahead and be able to deceive and overcome the enemy and not to the contrary. Otherwise, where are the special attributes of the Islamic struggle? In addition, Islam teaches its followers to be calm and composed when faced with adversity so that Muslims can react wisely and effectively.

10. The mode and strategy of mind warfare is not the same as armed warfare. In armed warfare, we can attack directly as long as it is done humanely and with discipline. However, in politics, we cannot be hasty and harsh because we aim to gather votes and attract the sympathy of those who believe in our struggle. We have to be gentle, so that people are captivated and become attracted to us. This is what is called strategy. Furthermore Islam wants us to be gentle and to be of good character. Such traits are the fruits of our worship, acts of devotion and of our struggle.

But sadly, politicians are rough and harsh in their dealings with people. They tend to easily attack people, are given to verbal abuse, accusations and making baseless allegations. All these makes more enemies than friends. It makes people keep their distance instead of coming to us. Their lectures are fiery, filled with slogans, propaganda, instigations and they evoke feelings of anger. Consequently, people become restless and relationships become strained. Hostility, conflict, malice, retribution and prejudice, becomes rife amongst the populace.

We see the deterioration of love, brotherhood and fraternity, the disintegration of peace and harmony, lost of tolerance, forgiveness, humanity, mutual respect and other honourable traits among Muslims. Whereas, Islam promotes all these good and positive behavior and because of it, Islam appear beautiful and attractive. It is such things that win the hearts of mankind. Without all these, where then is the beauty and splendour of Islam?

11. Frequent changes in the structure of leadership in the electoral political party which is used as the platform for the Islamic struggle, result in the formation of numerous camps and teams within the party. Such changes are caused by personal crises, the fight for posts and internal down trodding. Sometimes the deputy is more popular than the top leader. The act of down trodding and toppling the top leader to be replaced by another who yearns for the post frequently occur in such a party.

This should not at all happen in a party which is Islamic. In Islam, the leader is not challenged, toppled or replaced. However, this is the reality. It is unfortunate if this is to happen in an Islamic nation that they fight for. There is a great possibility for this to happen because if it can happen at party level, it can also occur at national level. Whereas in a true Islamic nation, the leadership of the caliph is for life. The followers are obedient, and they love, care and are obligated to him much like they are obligated towards their own fathers, teachers and friends.

12. We can clearly see the obscurity of the principles of struggle of the Islamic fighters who fight for the Islamic cause through western politics. We cannot help but question why they keep changing their styles of attire. They don the skull cap in front of village folks but they put on neckties when in the city. They behave in a certain way when in the country but behave differently when abroad. If they believe wearing the skull cap is commendable, why not perpetuate it and wear it wherever they go? And if they believe not wearing the skull cap is commendable, then why don’t they do away with it altogether. Some members are willing to sell themselves to other parties for money and post. They can readily change parties. They can jump to another party if the price is right. This is so unfortunate for a party who call itself Islamic and who vouch to fight for Islam.

13. With regards to the method of struggle, the same thing occurs. It changes direction frequently like the wind. If there is influence from Iran, they follow the direction of Iran. When Libya is prominent, Libya becomes their reference. When there is influence from Algeria, then they emulate Algeria. This change often occur when the election draws near. In order to win, they sometimes sacrifice their principles. This matter is not a secret. Everyone knows this but nothing can be done about it. It is a trend, and there is no way of getting out of it. It certainly is frustrating.

14. The Islamic systems they fight for are obscure. Although they have struggled for about 50 years, there are no books written by their leaders to be used as guidance. The books are required to make people understand the Islamic education system, the Islamic economy, Islamic culture and the other Islamic systems. Other than for the people, it will also serve as a guide for future leaders of the Islamic nation. After listing and stating what I have seen regarding the techniques adopted by political parties who fight for Islam in Malaysia and the rest of the world, I extend my apologies should I have offended anyone. I have to be explicit and it is mandatory that I do so especially when I have sufficient proof and evidence. All the more so when I have an alternative to offer which is the true Islamic politics whose potential is even more convincing.

The Islamic politics that I offer is similar and nearer in approach to the Islamic struggle of the Prophet (pbuh), who after 23 years, attained an Islamic nation. This was achieved through motivating and educating his followers and also those who do not follow him by offering safety and salvation. War happened only when initiated by the infidels. Whereas through pseudo Western style politics, the struggle has gone for over 50 years, and in some other countries much longer than that but with no signs of establishing a nation within a nation or a jamaah as a precursor to the Islamic nation. Much less to establish an Islamic nation itself.

During the early days of our struggle, we were unsure which path will lead us to the establishment of the true Islamic way of life. Hence, we all tried in ways we saw fit. Logically, the fastest route then would be through electoral politics. However, it is now apparent that the technique of struggle through electoral politics is long winded, full of enemy traps and obstacles and does not allow for the motivation and education of members. Although the path is wide but it is perilous. Almost no one will get through it safely. Even though we can attain a nation, there will be no change towards the Islamic life and practices. People will continue to live the way they are used to. It is also obvious that through motivation and education with love and care and the establishment of a role model, it is a safer way although it is new to everyone because it is not the path of the enemy. Today, after 40 years, we have managed to establish a nation within a nation and are now on the verge of the formation of the true Islamic nation.

Hopefully all of you will take heed of what I have said for the sake of the betterment of our religion, Islam. Allah is the best decision maker and it is Allah too Who destined and permit all these to happen.

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