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Chapter 7 : The Difference in the Outcome Between the Islamic Political Struggle and Western Politics

The Prophet (pbuh) and the Caliphs (Khulafaur Rashidin) managed to Islamise three quarters of the world, beginning with the small Islamic nation of Medina and Mecca. This was achieved not through the process of democratic elections but through motivation, preaching (dakwah) and education. However, politicians today wish to Islamise the world by first controlling and gaining power over the nation through the dirty Western electoral and political system. Politicians who say they struggle to establish the Islamic state are also included in this group and they share the same doctrine.

The history of the Islamic struggle is repeating itself in Malaysia today. There exist Islamic movements who wish for an Islamic nation (daulah) and an Islamic empire through the motivational and educational approach. However, the society becomes confused when there are groups which claim that the Islamic nation can only be achieved through western style elections. Which is correct? Which can truly uphold Islam and establish an Islamic state? The Islamic or Western politics? I would like to compare the results achieved by these two systems in the effort to uphold Islam in order that muslims can evaluate and see the truth between the struggle through electoral politics and the struggle through motivation and education. Islamic politics (through motivation and education) began 40 years ago in Malaysia, whereas western style politics which is being fought for by the so called Islamic political party has been around for more than 50 years. Let us observe the different results gained by both types of political struggle that is happening in Malaysia today.

1. The message of the struggle

The message of the struggle and the techniques employed by the so called Islamic fighters through the western political system only focus on obtaining political power, so that they can rule the country or state. The message conveyed by their struggle only revolves around the question of the Islamic nation (daulah), politics, hudud laws, qisas (equality in punishment) and matters pertaining to national issues. However, little emphasis is placed on truly Islamic matters such as faith, taqwa (the fear of God) and moral values when these are in fact, the essence of Islam. People go to heaven because of these 3 factors and they go to hell for neglecting them. During the course of the election campaign, the solah (prayers) too are neglected and taken lightly, when the solah is the prime and mother of all worship in Islam.

They present their message through lectures, speeches, written and aural campaigns, cassette and video recordings. Serious efforts in campaigning are only taken nearing the election which is once in every five years. After that, all is quiet. The aim is only to win the election and to obtain the power to rule. From there they hope to establish the Islamic nation or state and then using such power, to develop the Islamic society.

On the other hand, true Islamic fighters, who struggle through motivation and education, focus their attention on individuals in the society whether they be muslims or non muslims. They call upon them to love Allah and to love life in the Hereafter so that they carry out Allah’s laws and ordainments within themselves, their families and society. These Islamic fighters persevere to attract and persuade everyone to return to the ways of Allah, to obey His laws and to abstain from all that He has prohibited. The message of their struggle is faith and taqwa.

They know that with faith and taqwa, the society will make changes towards the Islamic way of life. From there on, the Islamic society and hence the Islamic nation will develop. It is not important who gets into power. It may not necessarily be the party or the Islamic jamaah itself who rules. The leader shall be the one most befitting no matter where he comes from.

The Islamic fighters adopt various measures in order to persuade and induce individuals to practise Islam. They bring forth their messages through lectures, magazines, books, cassettes, videos and they mingle with people from all walks of life with good behaviour and example. They also do public service through visitations, economy, culture shows, model villages and towns, education, healthcare, farming, high technology, expositions and others.

In short, the Islamic fighters become involved in all fields of life involving mankind, bringing the message of faith and taqwa as well as Islam as a way of life. They wish for social changes towards the Islamic way of life so that people can attain the eternal and absolute happiness in life in this world and in the Hereafter. Hence, they give motivation and education to muslims as well as non muslims especially in upholding the articles of faith and the pillars of Islam. Political parties merely want the power to rule so that Islamic laws can be imposed without doing anything to nurture and change the society towards the Islamic way of life. They too do not think of converting the non muslims to Islam. The important thing to them is that people support their party even though those who support them do not do the solah or are unscrupulous individuals.

2. Upholding Islam in its complete form

To date, the struggle of the so called Islamic politicians through the electoral system has gone on for over 50 years. They were once victorious in two states in Malaysia (Kelantan and Terengganu). Now they only rule one state which is Kelantan. Thus, after 50 years they only managed to rule one state. How many more years will they take to rule the whole country? Furthermore, when will Islam be implemented within the state that they rule and when will they start to convert the non muslims to Islam?

Moreover, the fact remains that as long as they fail to control the Federal Government, the Islamic fighters who fight through electoral politics will not be able to implement the complete Islamic way of life. Does this mean we have to obtain federal power first before we can uphold the articles of faith and the pillars of Islam? If so, the people and party members will have to wait in perpetuity in order to see the completeness of the Islamic life and the Islamic laws. Almost a generation has gone by and they still do not have the opportunity to enjoy living in a truly Islamic society. The Islamic family unit also has not emerged, not even within the family of the leader of the so called Islamic political party itself.

The Islamic jamaah which fight through the true Islamic politics, has been doing their work for only 40 years. Through their motivation and education coupled with love and care, brotherhood and fraternity a huge change in thinking and culture has occurred within the society. Muslims are now intense about practising the Islamic way of life and implementing the laws of Allah in Malaysia. In fact, the coverage of the aurat too is the result of the efforts of these fighters, not the electoral political fighters. Whereas, prior to this, shortly before and after independence in 1957, Malaysia was swamped with the dirty, yellow western culture, which swept away the Islamic way of life from the lives of the people. What was left was Islam in its basic form. But now in the last 40 years, the gentle change towards Islam, coaxed and spurred on by these motivators and educators have restored the laws and symbols of Islam (syiar) in this blessed land that we love.

The whole world now agree that Malaysia is the best Islamic practising country in the world today. This is so apparent in the lives of its citizens if not in the running of the government itself. This is not brought about by electoral politicians but by Islamic motivators and educators. These include:

a. The coverage of the aurat has spread all over the country including in offices, universities, schools, firms, in the cities and villages, on land and at sea. Women have undertaken to cover their aurat by donning the purdah and veil. The menfolk can be seen wearing turbans and skull caps as well as the Malay dress and robe. Albeit obstructed, this phenomena is growing rapidly and is spreading into all walks of life. These include women who work in the police force and armed forces. Their uniforms too have concealed the aurat.

b. It is now common to see the obligatory solah being carried out in mosques, prayer houses, offices, at airports, railway stations, bus terminals and others. These scenes did not exist before this. Nowadays, they are common and flourishing. In the cities, night worship (qiamullail) programmes are customary.

c. Religious classes including fard ain classes (pertaining to acts obligatory upon the individual), religious courses and others are being conducted every so often in offices, universities and so forth. People have begun to love their religion. Hence, they endeavour and strive to hold programmes which can strengthen and liven up their religion. Prior to this, religion was looked upon suspiciously and regarded as out dated and old fashioned. However, currently, religion is revered and religious classes are well received. People educate and teach themselves to be pious and virtuous. The ones who strive for all this are amongst the secular educated. Some of them are those who have just returned from studies abroad.

As a result of mounting awareness towards Islam, besides the increase in acts of devotion and coverage of the aurat, Muslims are beginning to venture into the other laws of Allah. They build Islamic villages in order to create a completely Islamic environment and in doing so create an Islamic society. They struggle seriously and make sacrifices to achieve such purpose. Hence, Malaysia today is famous for these villages or Islamic medinas (towns) which have been built by Islamic bodies. Even though these villages are small but within them, the lovers of Islam are able to live the glorious and pure Islamic system of life.

In the Islamic villages and towns, they realize their longing for Allah’s laws, their longing for the Quran and Hadith, and the Prophet’s way of life. Although these villages and towns are small, their influence are extensive. Muslims and non muslims throughout the world, come in droves to witness the model of the Islamic society and mini Islamic state which has occurred in Malaysia. Within it, there is the Islamic education system, the Islamic economy, social, politics, healthcare, communication, administration, agriculture, science and technology, electronic and print media, recording studios, culture and other Islamic way of life.

The world is stunned at the emergence of this extraordinary system in the midst of the modern ignorant system although it is not yet fully developed. The Islamic fighters can achieve this although they have not attained control over the nation and have not obtained political power. The Islamic resurgence through motivation and education is greatly felt when people can see the emergence in reality of the Islamic society resembling that of the pious muslims of early Islam. This Islamic resurgence is the result of the wave of motivational and educational activities of the Islamic movements and not because of political slogans, cries and manifestos. The inspiration gained from the completeness of the Islamic way of life arising from the Islamic villages had influenced the Islamic public to emulate it and to garner new strength to practise Islam more seriously and completely. They demand the establishment of Islamic banks, prayer rooms and prayer houses in offices and schools, Islamic education, the wearing of full length trousers for male students and the veil for female students’ right from primary school level.

Now in Malaysia, almost all banks have counters for the Islamic banking system. There are prayer rooms and houses in schools and offices. All this did not arise through political awareness or campaigns but are the direct result of motivation and education. In the year 1993, religious schools in Kedah (a state in the northern part of Malaysia) had to be made bigger and increased in number because many parents have begun to send their children to religious schools right from primary school level. In some areas, there are national type schools (offering secular education) that have to be closed due to the shortage of students.

There are many businessmen and economists in Malaysia and abroad who are keen to practise the Islamic economy as a result of the launching of commercial businesses and economic activities by Islamic bodies. They have started to cooperate with Islamic bodies. In addition, the Islamic commercial economy have attracted the attention of foreign countries. The President of the Philippines for example signed a memorandum of understanding with my company in the late 80’s.

Like a nation (i.e. a small nation within a big nation of Malaysia), my jamaah (Darul Arqam) had trade relations with the Philippines. The Islamic economic system had become an effective missionary path. As a result, quite a number of Christians in the Philippines converted to Islam including an officer in the Security Division of the President’s palace (Malacanang palace) whose conversion had encouraged his wife and father in- law to do the same.

In Indonesia, the mind of my jamaah (Darul Arqam) had attracted the interest of President Soeharto. Indonesia shook when the President became inclined towards Islam. Out of his realization, he took steps to shut down factories that manufacture alcoholic beverages. This did not happen through the efforts of political bodies but as a result of the realisation and penitence of the President himself. Islamic laws have begun to gain special attention and the Islamic jamaah from Malaysia had good and cordial relations with Indonesia despite the fact that it was banned by the religious authorities of that country.

This is the fruit and result of missionary work. The message through the mind of the jamaah which brings faith and Islam had tied outside countries with this small jamaah. Whereas the so called Islamic political parties continue to grapple in their attempt to control Malaysia and have no headquarters, influence or activities abroad.

In Jordan, quite a number of its people have looked upon Malaysia and have joined the Islamic resurgence together with this Malaysian Islamic jamaah. This means the social changes occurring in the Middle East are a direct consequence of this Islamic resurgence in the Far East. No Jordanian has so far joined the Malaysian Islamic political party.

In China (Yunnan), the leader of this Islamic jamaah from Malaysia (Darul Arqam) was given the honour to lead the Cheng Ho Research Foundation as its Honourable President For Life. Surprisingly, this position was not conferred upon any political leader hailing Islamic slogans from Malaysia. This is much more surprising since everyone knows that the Chinese is not a race which will easily bow to other races. They are extremely prejudiced but this is not shown towards the Islamic leader from Malaysia who preaches through motivation and education.

This goes to prove that the Islamic leader who leads through motivation and education can be accepted by any country surpassing border limits even though he has no power. However, the leadership of leaders of Islamic electoral political parties are limited only to their own country. Which means, their influence are extremely limited compared to the influence of the leader who leads through motivation and education.

The same thing happened in Turkey. Newspapers, magazines and television (the private TV station TGRT) regularly broadcasted news of this Islamic jamaah from Malaysia and not any Malaysian political body. The effects were even greater in Thailand, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, and lately, the Philippines as well.

3. Universal struggle

Political bodies commonly shout for universal Islam, the unity of the ummah and the Islamic nation which falsely picture the width and scope of their struggle. However, after 50 years of struggle we have not heard of them sending ambassadors to foreign countries to facilitate communication with the countries and their people or to work together in aspects of economy, culture, education and others. It cannot be denied that they do have representatives abroad but they make no effort to instil Islam as a way of life in the various countries and to the various races that they are involved with.

On the other hand, realising that Islam belong to all races and not just to Malaysians, this Malaysian Islamic jamaah carry out serious and continuous missionary work abroad. There are projects and offices owned by Rufaqa’ (previously known as Al-Arqam) in many countries. Hence, many Arabs, English, Americans, Australians, French, Germans, Singaporeans, Bruneians, Chinese, Uzbekistanis, Egyptians, Indonesians, Thais, Philippinos and others gave their cooperation and became strong supporters of the movement.

The ambassadors of this Islamic jamaah (who are sometimes only students) work harder than some embassy staff of other countries in their effort to spread Islam and to introduce their country to the host country. Today, this Malaysian Islamic jamaah, has a large influence, is well known and has become eminent abroad. Malaysian political parties have not yet been able to do the same. In addition, this particular Islamic jamaah once created clamour in England and other European countries with their cultural shows by the Mawaddah group which is part of the movement’s cultural Bureau. Television stations in Jordan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and France televised the nasyid presentation by the same Mawaddah group.

4. To Islamise and to attract non muslims to Islam

The so called Islamic political parties do not have the potential to attract non muslims to convert to Islam when in fact, it is the duty of every Islamic fighter to salvage mankind from the torments of hell. The political path seems to neglect this responsibility.

Conversely the Islamic jamaah gives serious attention to this matter. They do not stop at converting people to Islam but they also establish the institution to educate and even plan their future, to arrange their marriages, to give employment and study opportunities as well as to provide them means of livelihood. Their ability to protect and give security so that Islam truly becomes the way of life for these converts (mualaf) is the speciality of this Islamic jamaah.

The style of struggle through motivation and education by the various methods and techniques as well as the maintenance of a clear objective has made the Islamic jamaah fully capable of bringing non muslims towards the Islamic way of life. Moreover, the Islamic jamaah that I lead had established the “zimmi” of the jamaah a long time ago. This means, there exist within the Islamic jamaah, non muslims (zimmies) who have given their love, loyalty and influence to the Islamic struggle that uses the motivational and educational approach. This can be seen happening especially in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia itself. This is because they can see the truth of the struggle, the goodness and justice that it brings as well as the beauty of Islam which is so enchanting in the true Islamic jamaah. However, because they still love their own religion, they remain as non muslims but are so helpful towards the Islamic struggle. Some do in fact, convert to Islam. This is history repeating itself. During the Prophet’s time, there were non muslims who adored the Prophet and aided the Islamic struggle. In Islam, they are called zimmies (zimmi). The Islamic nation protects them and they are loyal to the Islamic Caliph. Within the jamaah, they can be called zimmi of the jamaah.

These events are signs of the truth and are also convincing developments to prove that Islamic politics through motivation and education are progressing towards the second opening of Mecca (Futuh Mekah) that is the formation of the Islamic nation (daulah). In other words, the Islamic jamaah is preparing and equipping itself to make Malaysia an Islamic nation, if such is the will of Allah. This will happen without democracy and without election.

5. A threat to the enemy and opponent

Political parties create many enemies and opponents as soon as they proclaim themselves the opposition. This enmity originates from the desire to rule or to be exact, the desire to seize power from the ruling party. However, until today, after 50 years of struggle, Islamic fighters who fight through electoral politics have not convinced the masses because the beauty of Islam does not exist and cannot be seen in their lives and in their struggle.

Moreover, although the ruling party has become weak, the opposition party which claim to have Islamic aspirations itself has become correspondingly weaker to the point that they are unable to topple their already weak opponent. Despite their weakness, the opponent still feel comfortable and strong enough to face them. In upholding the hudud laws, which is the prime aspiration and important agenda of the political Islamic fighters, the party took too long to present the implementation draft to the general public when asked to do so by the government. Clearly, it is better to struggle by motivating and educating the people so that they do not commit vice and crime although there are no hudud laws. Why would we need hudud laws when people do not commit any crime. On the other hand, the Islamic jamaah whose activity is to motivate and educate the people, is friendly and cordial with everyone. They do not go around in search of enemies even though there are groups who despise and hate them because Islam is a religion of love and peace. However, because of their big influence in the country as the result of their effort to establish the complete Islamic way of life at the level of the jamaah, it is not unusual for some factions or individuals especially those holding offices to feel troubled and threatened. They are worried that the public will eventually support the Islamic jamaah if left unchecked and this could undermine their interests and positions.

It is obvious that the government of a country finds it more difficult to deal with the Islamic jamaah than to deal with politicians who fight for an Islamic state through the democratic process. The leader of an Islamic jamaah does not declare nor does he make any effort to attain an Islamic state but he is feared non the less.

This is so because history has proven that with Islamic politics by way of motivation and education, the Islamic nation (daulah) can become a reality and in fact it once succeeded in Islamising three quarters of the world 1500 years ago. This particular Islamic jamaah through motivation and education, also made a stand on the issue of hudud. They do not cast aside any of Allah’s laws whether they be politics, hudud or qisas but they profess that these be implemented in phases and at the right time corresponding to the level of awareness and understanding of the people towards God and Islam. When the majority of muslims are of faith and are virtuous, only then can the laws of hudud be emphasised and implemented. This is to control and discipline the minority of muslims who are still obstinate and evil so that they do not cause harm and injury to the majority of good muslims and the general public. This is comparable to building a house. We cannot fill the house with furniture and all its elaborate decorations without first getting the house completed?

6. What does the public think?

I have not heard of any political analyst whether local or foreign, forecasting or predicting that the political party fighting for an Islamic nation in Malaysia, will in the end govern the country. However, many analysts and writers have stated that the Islamic jamaah from Malaysia namely Rufaqa, will be a political powerhouse and will rule Malaysia even though ruling the nation is not the main aspiration of its struggle and even though Rufaqa does not involve itself in the process of democratic political elections. Among those who say this are:

a. Professor Judith Nagata, an anthropology lecturer from York University, Toronto, Canada. She has made a research on the Islamic resurgence in Malaysia. The following is an excerpt from her book entitled “The Reflowering of Malaysian Islam: Modern Religious Radicals and Their Roots.”

“…Darul Arqam’s acknowledged influence, both among youths in the nerve-centres of the country’s capital and universities, as well as a growing strength in certain rural sectors, especially in Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, could become the nucleus of a powerful force, to be mobilized for other purposes at other times. It is just such potential political mobilization, with an under spinning of powerful personal and religious loyalties, which causes the greatest apprehension in official circles…”

b. Dr David Browning from the University of Oxford who said to his student, Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh (a lecturer in the Science University of Malaysia and also one of the leaders of Al Arqam at that time):

“When you become one of the leaders in Malaysia, do not forget me.”

c. Local political writer; Syed Hussein Al Attas, in his book, “Talqin Untuk UMNO”, had predicted that the Prime Minister after Mahathir will be Ustaz Ashaari Muhammad. d. Sayuti Omar, another political writer, forecasted Al Arqam will rule Malaysia when there occur social changes towards Islam.

7. Changes in the awareness of the society

Islamic realisation and awareness in Malaysia, which has grown in leaps and bounds, is the result of motivational and educational politics and not electoral politics which claim to fight for Islam. The electoral political party is not capable of achieving all that. In fact, they should be thankful to the Islamic political movement because the motivational and educational efforts of the movement had also brought about some positive changes within their own party. If they claim the changes were the result of their own efforts, then after over 50 years of struggle, surely they could have seen the results a long time ago and not only now, at least within their party if not among the populace.

The awareness that occur through motivation and education, is a kind of self realisation which happens voluntarily from feelings of penitence and regret and the desire to dwell within the grace of God. It is not achieved through force and acts of law as is customarily the practice in electoral political movements. We will list a few examples of what has happened in Malaysia today which proves the changes towards Islam are due to Islamic political motivation and education and not as a result of electoral politics that use Islamic slogans. Some examples of the changes are as follows:

a. Prayer room facilities

As a consequence of the Islamic realisation and awareness, almost all government, quasi government and private offices, primary and secondary schools, universities, petrol stations, restaurants (especially at rest areas for express buses), bus terminals, railway stations, airport terminals and rest areas along the highways, have facilities for prayers (solah). These facilities, whether they be prepared by the government, private sector or individuals are the result of realisation stemming from motivation and education and not due to pressure from the electoral political party or any act of law. Forty years ago, when the so called Islamic political party was at its peak, all this did not happen.

b. Performing the solah

The awareness of the Islamic public to perform the obligatory solah is increasingly more apparent throughout Malaysia today. A clear example is the prayer room at Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. The prayer room now is very big compared to what it was 30 years ago. It had to be enlarged to make room for the larger number of people who do the solah. This reflects the increase in knowledge and practice as a result of motivation and education.

The realisation to perform the congregational prayers (solah) as opposed to doing it individually is also more apparent. In the past, those who performed their solah at the terminal did so on their own (individually). But these days, congregational solah are performed, one congregation after another. (The prayer room which was enlarged is now considered too small).

In addition, more people now who travel combine and shorten their solah (jamak qasar) which is permissible for people who travel. In the past, not many did so when travelling. Not even religious teachers who teach the knowledge. Instead, many preferred to defer (qadak) their solah when travelling. However, as a result of motivation and education, the situation has changed. It did not change out of political awareness.

c. Coverage of the aurat.

The realization to cover the aurat which is widespread all over Malaysia today, is the result of motivation and education and not from political awareness. It is carried out voluntarily by the people and not enforced by law and legal acts. The best example to prove the failure of the so called Islamic political party to implement this law is in Kelantan which is under its rule. Although coverage of the aurat is made an act of law, a big portion of the Kelantanese society ignored this law. In fact, some of them are brave enough to challenge the authority of that political party. Its failure is due to the fact that it was enforced through law and legal acts which invited resistance and not through realization and awareness. We can see the large number of people who continue to don the veil as a result of awareness derived from motivation and education even in the absence and without the need of any law.

d. Overseas students

Lately, a great number of students returning from abroad especially from America, England, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries are garbed in Islamic attire. The female students wear the veil, purdah and long robes while the male students wear the male robe (gamis) and don the turban. Logically they should be dressed in coats, jeans and other expensive, branded clothing but the opposite happens. All of them agree that their realisation and awareness stems from the motivation and education that they are exposed to and not through any electoral political campaign or awareness.

e. Islamic goods and products

In order to meet the demands of the society, businessmen (including those who are non muslims) realise that they have to use brands with Malay and Islamic overtones in order to sell their products. Some of them use Islamic sounding words in their advertisements. For example, they say ‘use without doubt’ (guna tanpa was-was) or ‘pure and halal’ (suci lagi halal) and others. This happens because people no longer wish to be involved in the use and consumption of dubious foods and goods (shubhat), what more if it is clearly forbidden. Obviously this is the fruit of motivation and education.

f. Islamic fighters travel by air

Many do not realise that all this while only a handful of Malays travel by air. MAS stewards and stewardesses can confirm this. This include a limited number of government officers who travel on government duty and their fares paid for by the government as well as some Malay businessmen. However, with the Islamic awareness through motivation and education, the staff of Rufaqa and members of the Tabligh group are the ones who often use air travel to spread Islamic awareness to the rest of the world. For the staff of Rufaqa, air travel has become akin to travelling by bus.

g. Umrah

In the past, during school or aidil fitri or aidil adha holidays, Malays and muslims will take the opportunity to visit Disneyland, areas where there is snow and other interesting places in Asia and Europe. However, today the situation has changed. Umrah has become an activity of interest besides visiting the tombs of Prophets, the tombs of the companions (sahabah), the cave of Ashabul Kahfi and other Islamic historical sites in Amman, Istanbul and Cairo. This change is also the result of motivation and education and not the result of electoral political awareness.

h. Tourist attraction

It is obvious that Islamic fighters from abroad, when they visit Malaysia, they do not visit the headquarters, offices, villages, economic activities, schools and other projects of the Islamic political party. On the other hand, they focus more on the Islamic jamaah which carry out motivation and education especially in various Rufaqa townships such as the one in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang.

This is mainly due to the fact that Islam as a way of life does not exist within the electoral Islamic political party. They do not practice the Islamic economy, Islamic culture, Islamic education, Islamic technology and they do not have any Islamic village, township, society or other Islamic living systems that is of any standing that can be emulated by these Islamic fighters. All this however exist in the Islamic jamaah which is involved with motivation and education. That is why their place, villages and townships become the centre of attraction to Islamic fighters from abroad and other foreign visitors (including those who are non muslims). It is as if their place has also become one of the tourist destinations that must be visited.

i. Awareness amongst the upper class

In the major cities of the country, there are many upper class people (renown and literary figures) including artistes and film stars who have invited missionary workers either from the Islamic jamaah or individuals to teach them and their families the Quran and other Islamic knowledge. The realisation to learn Islam is growing everywhere. That is why in their homes they have special praying rooms for the use of their family. The strange thing is, politicians are not invited to fill this need.

j. Exclusive Islamic Clubs

A number of exclusive Islamic clubs have been established in many affluent neighbourhoods around the Klang Valley. The realization to socialise according to the Islamic tenets and shariah had encouraged people to establish such clubs. The realization to do so did not stem from electoral political awareness but as a result of motivation and education.

k. Islamic activities in hotels

Activities in hotels too have undergone change. Islamic economic seminars, religious courses, Islamic cultural concerts, breaking of the fast followed by the commendable tarawih prayers and others have become the norm in Malaysian hotels today. All these activities are organised by the Islamic jamaah and that are groups involved in motivation and education. One can hardly see the electoral political party being involved with programmes like these. To them, to Islamise the country is definitely more important than to Islamise a hotel. What I have presented above is sufficient to validate my allegation that the changes that happen in our beloved country today is due to the realization and awareness that arise through motivation and education and not from electoral political awareness. All these occur as a result of self realization and not from coercion and legal acts. This is a repeat of the history of the first ummah where Islamic practices including the implementation of hudud, qisas and so forth were carried out because of faith and education and not through legal acts and laws as fought for by the electoral political party.

The comparisons that I have made are realities which are happening in Malaysia and other parts of the world today. No one can deny these facts. You cannot take heart or be prejudiced towards me because Islam as a way of life or as a perfect system must undergo its own process of growth and development to reach its resplendence. If we follow the way of other people, we will definitely not attain the Islamic way of life whether in the family, jamaah, group, nation or at universal level. The western way will bring us to the western system. It will not bring us to Islam. If at all it does, it will not be Islam in its pure form. It will be Islam that has been coated and coloured with western secularism. Let us observe the reality. As at today there is no politician within the democratic system who have attained a true Islamic nation or who have established Islam as a way of life through their efforts. It is definitely untrue to say that we have no alternative other than the western electoral politics in order to prevent the country from being seized by others. Those who say this are blind and ignorant with regards to Islamic history. It is clear that after 50 years of struggle through electoral politics, there is still no sign that the electoral political party who struggle for Islam will rule Malaysia. On the other hand, the true Islamic jamaah which has just struggled for 40 years, have made numerous changes and advancement and is said to be fit and competent to rule the nation even though that is not their expressed aspiration.

The Prophet (pbuh) preached and struggled for only 23 years and succeeded to open Mecca (Futuh Mekah) and to build a model Islamic nation in Medina. This means, Islam was able to build a nation, that is a nation that carried out the Islamic system of life that began from motivation, preaching and education after 23 years of struggle. The Prophet did not attempt to seize the nation before the people were adequately nurtured because if he did, it would not mean anything as the people were not ready. It would be comparable to acquiring a timber concession but without the means to carry out logging. That is why during the period of struggle in Mecca, the Prophet declined to accept the nation that was offered to him by the leaders of the Quraish.

Definitely, Islamic politics through motivation and education is the route to an Islamic nation. Western politics do not result in the creation of an Islamic nation resembling the Islamic nation of the pious muslims of early Islam. Maybe we can attain control over the country or state but there is no guarantee Islam will be the system and way of life of its people. Power cannot make humans love Allah’s laws and much less to intensely implement, practise and internalise them. If we can acquire a house but cannot influence and control its occupants, can we then uphold Islam within the household?

I apologize to politicians who struggle for Islam through the western style political elections. Although I openly mention the errors of such political system, I do not wish to offend anyone personally except to state that the true and actual Islamic politics is not through participation in western politics. Hopefully, you will be open to my criticism and advice. I, too, await your advice and intellectual criticism, so that we be included amongst people who mutually offer advice towards the truth and towards patience.

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